Window Designer
in Petaluma, CA

Blinds offer shade and privacy — but there's so much more to great window designs. The right design can transform a room, making your home more beautiful, comfortable, and elegant. Trinity Domino, a window designer based in Petaluma, CA, guides you through all the options while making the whole process fun and hassle-free. Contact us today for window treatment ideas from a professional.

Consultations at Your Location

Your window treatments should reflect your home's unique character. All of Trinity's work is custom. She starts with a complimentary phone consultation to get a basic idea of the windows and rooms that need attention. She then makes an appointment to come to your home. Window treatments at showrooms often look pretty, but you don't know how the products will look in your space. Trinity comes to your location with a wide range of samples of window treatment options and hardware, so you'll be able to see exactly how the materials go with the color, light, and existing decor in your home. Finally, everything is measured and designed to the most exacting standards.

The days of plain white curtain rods are over. Trinity works with custom wood, iron, and other materials, carefully chosen to match your decor. Whether your home is modern or traditional, Trinity will find the ideal materials that work with your aesthetic. Throughout the entire process, she uses her expertise and judgment to make your room come alive.

Design & Installation

Trinity handles both design and installation herself in order to ensure perfect results from start to finish. She also offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty and a lifetime installation warranty. She handles all the warranty work herself. You may find a lower rate, but you will never find a company that delivers better quality.